Granite Composite Sinks


    Granite composite sinks are prehaps the trendiest sinks around. With a huge variety of styles and finishes available, with colours ranging from a classic black to a light cream, even pink and green, there really is a finish to suit every kitchen.

    Granite composite sinks, like stainless steel sinks, can be mounted in numerous ways, whether inset, undermount or belfast style.


    • Extremely durable - most are heat, stain and scratch resistant
    • Affordable
    • Anti-bacterial surface
    • Easy to clean
    • Huge range of colours, sizes and styles


    • Very hard surface that can damage if things are dropped onto it
    • Require careful maintenance
    • Heavier than stainless steel so may need a studier worktop

    Looking after your granite composite sink

    • What are granite composite sinks made of?
      • Usually granite composite sinks will be made up of two different materials. This is normally granite stone dust and acrylic resin. The percentage of each can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    • How can I clean my granite composite sink?
      • Regular cleaning is essential when it comes to keeping your composite sink looking like new. Harsh chemicals and abrasive materials must not be used and will only damage the surface of the sink. Ideally a soft sponge and hot soapy water is the ideal cleaning equipment. Make sure that you dry the sink thoroughly to prevent water spots, soap and mineral deposits.

    • Can discolouration or marks on granite composite sinks?
      • Day-to-day use of your granite composite sink may result in the odd mark appearing. If limescale deposits have formed on your sink, for instance, these can easily absorb spilled coffee, tea or red wine. You may notice slight discolouration as a result. However, if you look after your sink regularly, this won't be a problem. a little bit of soapy water and a light scouring pad is all your sink need. Then it only remains to rinse it down with water and rub it dry.

    • How can I clean my basket strainer?
      • The basket strainer is the secret hero in your sink. After all, it prevents your sink from getting clogged up, thus ensuring perfect functionality. Over time, however, the basket strainer will collect some dirt, so you should give it a clean every now and then. You don’t even have to buy a special cleaner for that purpose.

        Here’s our trick: put a level teaspoon of powdered dishwashing detergent onto the closed basket strainer. Pour approx. 250 ml boiling water over it and leave the solution to work. Now brush and scrub it (e.g. with a dishwashing brush) until the basket strainer and drain cup are shining once again. Finally, open up the basket strainer and take out the basket insert. Now you have room to clean the hole opening in the drain cup. Once this is squeaky clean too, reinsert the basket insert and rinse it with clean water.

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