Ceramic Sinks


    Ceramic sinks are a true classic and are traditionally manufactured from fine-fireclay, individually finished by hand to ensure exceptional quality and a lustrous glossy glaze.

    They are hard wearing and extremely easy to clean, making them a great choice for a busy kitchen. They will look great for many years thanks to their non porous, smooth surface.


    • Extremely hard wearing and will not dent
    • Resistant to high temperatures
    • Easy to clean
    • Available in a number of colours, although white is the most common


    • If you drop a glass or piece of crockery in the sink it is highly likely to break. Use a wire rack to prevent this form happening
    • Although extremely hard wearing, ceramic sinks can chip. It’s rare and thankfully you can buy touch up sticks to treat minor damage

    Looking after your cermaic sink

    • Are ceramic sinks easy to clean?
      • When vegetables, meat and fruit have all done their worst on the ceramic sink, you’d expect to be faced with something of a disaster. But you don’t need to worry about all that with your ceramic sink. The smooth and completely unbroken surface ensures that no dirt can settle on it. What’s more, any soiling that is visible after long cooking sessions is easy to tackle. Just get a soft sponge, a little washing-up liquid and warm water, and wipe it away. A microfibre cloth is best for rubbing it dry. However, steer clear of scouring agents, steel brushes and aggressive mixer tap cleaners containing chlorine. Your ceramic sink won’t like these at all.
    • Are ceramic sinks heat-resistant?
      • If you have ever needed to take a boiling hot pot of pasta off the stove, you’re bound to have asked yourself, “Now, where can I put this?” Your ceramic sink provides plenty of space for such eventualities. After all, it is outstandingly heat-resistant, so high temperatures cannot damage it. As such, you won’t have to worry about discolouration or bleaching.
    • How should I clean my cermic sink?
      • If time-consuming cleaning marathons really aren’t your thing, rest easy: your ceramic sink is very low-maintenance. Just putting some warm water and washing-up liquid on a soft sponge and cleaning your kitchen sink with it every day will do the trick. Limescale is best avoided by rubbing your sink dry with a microfibre cloth afterwards.
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